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synonyms To operationalize a concept is to identify those variables in terms of which the phenomenon represented by the concept can be accurately observed. 2012, Adam Zeman, ‘Only Connect’, Literary Review, issue 399: Vision seems ‘childishly simple’ to us but proves to be fiendishly hard to operationalise, precisely because we are so good at it. Definition of operationalise in the dictionary. Meaning of operationalise.

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I det västerländska Detta breda spektrum som ingår i maktens natur gör den svår att operationalise- ras på ett  It was also a way to operationalise ecologi- cal modernisation in innovative projects, which urban sustainable development per definition is, means that the  Meaning and materiality in museum displays more. Finally, in the third part, I operationalise the aforesaid, established concepts in my in-depth investigation of  av J Lagsten · Citerat av 15 — “In order to be able to attribute a meaning to concepts, one must be able to apply them to samt processmodellen. VISU bör uppfattas som en operationalise-. What am I? How can I help you evaluate? Öppna rutan. av Jen. Y12 Y13 Psychology Evaluation.

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zation are by no means confined to these. 2.1 ACHIEVEMENT. 'Achievement at arithmetic' is a good concept with which to start this discussion, because ~t is  1 Dec 2013 Operationalizing means building a bridge from concepts to measurement, and then to the world.

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Operationalise meaning


Philosophy The view that all theoretical terms in science must be defined only by their procedures or Operationalism definition, the doctrine that the meaning of a scientific term, concept, or proposition consists of the operation or operations performed in defining or demonstrating it. The earlier, technical meaning of “operationalize”—to express something in mathematical or logical terms—was first recorded in the 1950s. These examples in the OED are both from academic journals: Verb: operationalise Usage: Brit (N.
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Operationalise meaning

Lists. synonyms To operationalize a concept is to identify those variables in terms of which the phenomenon represented by the concept can be accurately observed.

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Operationalization refers to the process of strictly defining variables into measurable factors. The process defines fuzzy concepts and allows them to be measured, empirically and quantitatively. Definition of operationalize in the dictionary.

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av A Krantz · 2019 — feelings, the study has chosen to operationalise the theory of alexithymia, primarily vilket visar att folkhälsa inte enbart inbegriper en biomedicinsk definition av. This would mean that we risk leaving out half of the population in our critical work In all our work in the Council, we have sought to operationalise the Women,  Rapporten ger en ganska komplex men överskådlig bild med definition av de o Did you clearly document and operationalise these processes for the testing  av C AL · Citerat av 23 — lieving. Finally.